Getting to know our fine papers, each surface, texture, color and even size, put new creative options in the hands of masters and students alike. So that today, the availability of many different types of fine Japanese paper offers unlimited freedom of expression to artists all over the world.

By this section it is hoped to help you understand the uses of Washi in many art forms and also to show you some of our popular products.

Please note, however, that our customers are wholesale distributors of fine art paper and major users of our paper products in any industry, who share the same appreciation of Washi with us. If you are an individual user of Washi who wishes to get any of our products, please contact us so that we can help you locate a retailer near you who has our products. Thank you very much for visiting us this time.

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– Echizen Papers for Cards, Enveleopes and various Invitations
– Yatsuo Moriki Colors and Somegami (Dyed Paper)
– Chiyogami & Yuzen Papers
– Washi Origami & other Products

List of paper items – To find papers of your interest by name

Gallery – Artworks made on our papers by Artists.