Why Moriki?

In the biggest port city of Japan, we have a long history of 70 years of consolidating many kinds of papers collected from different papermaking areas and shipping them to wherever our cutomers are located in the world. In addition to our own manufacturers, we have a long-held, strong connection with approximately 200 papermaking families and paper mills throught the country, which is why we are able to offer the greatest variety of fine Japanese papers at very competitive prices. Also, our unique position, as the leading Japanese exporter of all kinds of Washi for many years, allows us to be able to offer various custom made papers tailored to the requirements of each one of our customers. We are devoted to answering all the questions you may have about any Washi paper and products, and we talk and listen to printmakers, conservators, bookbinders and craftspersons directly or through our wholesale distributors in many countries. Artists of all kinds are often not only heavy users of our products, but also very helpful in developing new ideas about how our products can be used. By giving such feedback to many papermakers we are able to help them to understand what else they can do to meet users’ requirements.
So you see, Moriki Paper has for many years been playing an important role as a link between the papermakers and overseas users of Washi until today, and we will carry on doing so in the future as well.